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Why you shouldn’t shave your golden retriever

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You may find that you’re approaching this summer…And you are not quite sure whether a shaved golden retriever is the right way to go. Whilst this can be good for some breed of dogs it’s not usually the best option for a Golden Retriever. Before you decide to make a silly decision like this, I think it’s first important for you to know the pros and the cons of shaving your dog. So that’s exactly what we’re going to get into today!

A golden Retrievers coat is for protection

It also helps protect them from the sun to avoid any skin diseases that may be encouraged by the Sun directly hitting their skin. Whilst this may look or appear to be a better option for most golden retrievers because it certainly isn’t in most scenarios.

I would highly recommend that you consult a professional if you are looking to do this as an option to cool down your dog. It is a popular option for people to take part in, but you could be causing more harm than good. Make sure that you do your research before taking it upon yourself to just simply start shaving away you’re golden retrievers protection.

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A shaved golden retriever isn’t always right

A healthy alternative method two shaving a dog hair off completely is to simply give them a Groom. During the hot weather conditions, I highly recommend that you increase the number of fluids you provide to your dog.

Golden retrievers and all dogs in general release heat through their paws and by panting drink hot weather conditions.  Now, what it would make no sense to just rule out the potential only solution you have.

The shade is your best friend!

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I thought I would put something together as an alternative for you to help solve the problem of reducing the heat to your dog during hot weather conditions. The first way that I’m going to discuss is by providing them an area of shade. If you have the funds to back it then you could provide them a well-ventilated dog house with some air conditioning on a light setting.

Another option is to restrict how long you allow them to stay outside in the Sun for. If you bring them inside two cooler temperatures and allow them to go outside and short bursts. It will reduce the amount of time spent in the Sun which can then later help them retain their energy throughout the day.

What I have to offer you

To provide you with some great tips on keeping your dog cool during the summer. I have gone out and made some research for you to find you the best options in doing so throughout Summer periods. A great way to ensure that they remain call whilst you are providing them their water is to place a few ice cubes inside of each bowl of water.

This will make sure that they will tear is nice and cold making them feel chilled and relaxed throughout this weather condition. Next, when you are taking them on long walks you should always avoid walking on hot pavements off brickwork.

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Instead, try to take them across the grass of where it’s a little more cooler and make sure to take out a light cloth with you. You can later put that down for them to lay on after if they become a little tired.

This can also make a great shade for your dog, and if you were to add a little string to the cloth, you can then pin it up somewhere between trees. By doing so you will allow them to stay out of the direct sun which in doing so could prevent potential skin cancer for Golden Retrievers.

Frozen treats

A great way for feeding your pup is to freeze they treat inside of the freezer and provided to them several times throughout the day. You could get hold of a come and fill it with some peanut butter and treats inside and then provide that to your dog.

That could keep them occupied for up to 2 hours. And you’ll be guaranteed that day will remain cool within that time. Although it’s important for you to provide them with the best solutions to the problems. It’s also just as important for you to spot the signs when something is going wrong with your dog in hot weather.

In the following section, we will go over a few of the potential symptoms that you may find if your dog is experiencing high levels of dehydration or fatigue during hot sun.

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How to tell if your dog is suffering from the sun

A few of the commonly found symptoms that you can find in your dog when they are negatively affected by the Sun or the following:

  • Sunken eyes
  • Lethargy
  • Dry mouth
  • Depression

From looking at the above-mentioned symptoms you can see that there’s not much difference in what you would see in us to a dog, during these conditions.

Sunken eyes are a great way to determine that your dog is experiencing high levels of low energy and fatigue. It’s a great way of also determining that they are having too much sun and need to be taken out and hydrated.

Talking about hydration, of which we have for a majority of this post. Let’s look at a few of the Solutions of steps you can take if you do find that your dog is going through or experiencing any of these symptoms listed above.

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Always keep your dog hydrated

It’s not really hard to figure out as it’s the same thing you would do for a small child or another adult if you were to find them experience in such circumstances. So it should be set in default as your second nature to take the appropriate steps in order to help them through such experiences.

I highly recommend that if you are taking them out for a walk during the summer hot weather conditions. That you carry a bottle of water with you as well as a few light cloths to provide them some shade from time to time if needed.

That way you prevent the problem as opposed to reacting to just reacting to it after it happens.

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But what if your dog is not in the mood?

If you find that they are not very enthusiastic about drinking some water. Then you can place some frozen fruits inside or ice chips inside their drinking water to encourage a little differentiation in their diet.  

Canned dog food is also recommended during these hot weather conditions. As manufacturers have designed the food in a way that retains a core body temperature. Whatever you do I do not recommend if you have a Golden Retriever that you go down the road of shaving their coats. Without knowing it, you could be doing more harm than good.

I highly recommend that you can solve the fission of before deciding to do such tasks. Sometimes the good old ways are simply the best ways and to remain untouched. Providing them a little bit of water on a hot summer’s day could do a lot more than you think. It’s the same thing you should be doing for yourself on a hot day as I’m sure you would like to protect yourself as much as you talk to.

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Load up on water

I highly recommend you increase or even double the measure of fluids you provide your dog during hot weather. That means regular balls of water and providing them nice treats to maintain a good level of sugars in the body. This will ensure your dog remains hydrated which will prevent them from becoming fatigued in the sun.

As I previously mentioned in this post. The better option for you to take during hot weather is to simply Groom your dog more often. This will help them replenish their coats and keep any dirt or debris out of there to help them feel fresh light and cool during the summer. And it’s much better looking than a shaved golden retriever.

I recommend that you get yourself a full grooming kit for a Golden Retriever. I have actually written a full post on all of the best brushes you can get for a Golden Retriever over in this blog.  

dog haircut for golden


Providing your dog water during the hot weather conditions is probably the best thing you can do. There has been a mixed message across the internet as to whether you should be shaving your golden retriever. Personally, I disagree with the technique of a shaved golden retriever…and recommend that if you are trying to keep them cool that you simply do so with a light cloth and good amounts of hydration throughout the day.

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