How to train your dog to stay in your yard

how to make dog come on command

Whether its because your dog badly behaved, or you’re in fear of him not listen in dangerous situations. Learning how to train your dog to stay in your yard could play a vital part in saving your dog.

Today I am going to share all the resources and tips that you need to get started with training right away. That way, you can be sure that you get off on the right foot with this new chapter. So let’s take a closer look inside what this really is…

What’s “come on command?

Whilst this may come across complex or difficult, in reality, it sits on right on the opposite side of the scale.  Come on command is the instruction of calling your dog to come to you and then him following your instructions accordingly.

For example, if your dog was across the other side of the park whilst still taking him for a walk. It would be the instruction that you give to call him back over to where it is that you are standing.

It involves your dog following instruction without you having to walk towards them or heavily encourage the instructions given. Instead, your dog should be ready to follow instructions and then carry them out accordingly when given. Keep reading to dig a little deeper into this topic…

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What is the importance of training?

Without me even giving you any clear-cut reasons I’m sure there are a few things you can sort of spit out that would explain why this is important.

One of the main reasons and I would say the most important reason it’s definitely a fact that this can help your dog out of danger. Not only is it important for that but its also a great way of getting your dog into the mode of learning new skills.

This will be one of the most basic skills you can teach them but also the most effective too. When I first got Bella it was almost hell on Earth.

She would run off down the road whether it be in the park or on a trip to the store? There was almost no rules and no listening skills to go with it. I can’t stress how important it is that you know how to train your dog with commands. And it was something that was also bothering my husband.

It literally got to the point of where he wanted to sell her on. Which of course whilst in my care, would have never happened.

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Why you should Learn This Skill

It was definitely a stage of my parent had that I could say was more difficult than other times. I quickly decided to take action on it which is when I started to learn about how to teach my puppy skills.

A great thing that I did overlook at the beginning was my actual training skills. Sort of had the mindset that it would be a walk in the park.

I’m going off my record walking Bella in the park it would not have a good outcome…So I went on to actually take some professional help of where I purchased an online training course. It is from a very credible instructor and since then I’ve been using it to develop new skills for me and my dog. I’ve now told you why it’s so important. But now I’m going to tell you when exactly you should be using this. Of course, this is purely based on my experiences as I have said before.

How often should you use this command?

There’s a very short answer to that question. And in my books, it’s simply all the time. There is no set time or date of when you should help your dog to escape out of danger. It’s just a skill that you use when you need to. Now although I’ve mentioned that this skill is used in dangerous situations. But it was also a skill that can be used on a regular day-to-day basis.

Why? because when you’re out in the park or even in the house. You are always going to want your dog to come on command and follow Instructions is given. I once upon a time let this get out of hand, and it almost cost me a lot more than it was worth. Not only did I almost lose my puppy,  but my relationship was also going down the drain. That’s when I set out on a journey to teach my dog this basic skill.

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How to train your dog to stay in your yard

I’m a strong believer in a way starting from the bottom, so that’s the way that I would recommend you start teaching yourself and your dog this new skill. If you have recently become a new parent to a puppy then it is not advised to let them off the leash if you don’t know that they will definitely come back.

To avoid that risk are highly recommend that you start off by training your puppy in your garden. And, really and truly that goes for any dog in general that doesn’t come back on come on command.

The way you should start is by walking over to a certain location with them. And instructed them to sit and stay whilst you walk back over to a different location. Make sure to have some treats available to lure them towards you when giving them the command. This is a great way to encourage them to follow your instructions at any given time through training.

It’s also a way of giving them a small reward for each time that they achieve success. Next, all you have to do is simply crouch down and call them with a one-word command. With my dog  I tend to use ‘here’  but you can also use ‘come’ or anything that represents a similar meaning.

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The main Thing is…

The main thing you want to focus on is not to call them by their name. Because of course, that would result in a big mix up in the future. Make sure to keep the tree inside of your pocket or bag at this time though. However, I do make my dog aware that I’m holding a treat in my possession.

Then I just call over to here saying ‘Here’ and she usually just runs towards me. But it didn’t start off like this which is why I highly recommend that you have some of their favorite treats.

That way your golden will recognize the command with a potential reward to come in the future. This can then help them to build up a habit of learning to follow a certain instruction when that command is given.

That way you can use it even when they’re in danger without having the trees. Once your puppy has come over to you, it’s been really important to get them to sit or stay in one position before you give them the treat. This is to make sure that they are able to follow a set menu of instructions. Opposed to them just coming over to try and get a treat.

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How long does this take?

There is no set time to how long this can take. For me, it was only a matter of weeks. Whilst for others it can take as little as a few days. When I was teaching Bella how to do these type of commands,  she was only around 16 weeks old. So it was really difficult to try and get her to follow these type of instructions while she was so little.

Which is why I could obviously take a lot longer for me than it might take for you. I’m not saying that everything will depend on how old your dog is.  but there are many different things as every dog is different. First of all, I started off training Bella inside of my actual house, but as we got better we started to branch out. A few of those places were…

Should you do the training yourself?

I actually called a friend in to help me whenever they were free with multiple different training skills than me and better undertook. When you have other people helping you, it is easier to make the training more fun. One of the ways I use to get my friend to help was by standing across the other side of the garden away from me and Bella. So when I would call her over he would too. And then we would see who she would come to.

Of course, I was the one with the treats and she always knew that. But we wanted to get her into the mood of following instructions from one person only. Even when someone else is also trying to give her the command as well. And to be fair it was quite shocking but it worked like a charm. She was able to make it clear difference on who her parent was and what was more important. 

I started it off with treats and then as the training went on weeks later I took the treats away and had the same results. But if you haven’t got a friend as good as mine then you can do this with any other family members, friends or even neighbors. Even, if you wanna make it a little bit more fun. Then there are also a few ways you can do that too.

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How to make this a fun learning activity

Dogs learn very similarly to us in many ways. So it’s important to make training as fun and enjoyable as possible. I recommend that you encourage your dog to take part in a mix of activities to keep her stimulated & focused on each task.

A great way of doing that is by placing some obstacles in between you and your dog when calling them on come on. This way they might have to go on the something or run around something in order to get to you. 

You may want to try this at a later stage of training, as it could prove to be more of a difficult approach at the start. Once you feel that your dog has the hang of things and following instructions accordingly, then there’s nothing stopping you from trying out some new things.


In conclusion, I would say the common command instruction is one of the most important for you and your dog to understand. It helps me to escape danger with me and my dog on multiple occasions. It’s also helped me to give her new skills in other areas by her being able to follow simple instructions. I would highly recommend that if your dog does not know this command that you train them to learn it now.

When I still had my training wheels on, a great course that helped make this a whole lot easier was the brain training for dogs online program. Not only for me but for my dog too, as it has a professional trainer that teaches you all the tricks of the trade. I also wrote a complete review of the program that you can check out for some more details too.

To sum it up, a basic, simple command, can be a life or death situation. And it’s very important for you to teach your dog this skill.

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