How to house train a Golden Retriever Puppy

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I heard a scream come from the sky on Monday morning. At this point, I had no house training golden retriever puppy skills but I needed to act FAST! So I quickly ran outside to see what it was,  and all I could see was a person running down the street.

Turns out that my pup was chasing the postman down the road, as she had managed to escape through the side entrance to the house.Scared and afraid that he was going to call the cops, so I decided that there was something that I had to do about this.

bad dog

I knew should misbehave but I’ve never experienced anything like this. It was almost never-ending as they were so many different things and different problems that we’re going on on a day-to-day basis.

And if it wasn’t biting some shoes then it was chasing the postman down the road, or Whining at night whilst she would stay in her crate. It almost sounds cliché at how this little pup was doing the most common things you would find in a naughty little dog & something had to be done about it!

Problems I had with my pup

Some of the things she would do with a range from:

  • Being aggressive to other dogs
  • Not sleeping in her crate at night (golden retriever puppy sleep section)
  • Pooping and peeing around the house
  • Biting or nibbling

And the list goes on…It was for sure definite that we needed to take some sort of action to really nip this in the bud. However this is now something that we have gained some knowledge and experience on, so I thought I’d share some methods and strategies. Heres some stuff you can try out today.

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How start House Training

As time goes on you come to realize that golden retriever puppies need to relieve themselves quite often more than most. Picking a particular spot where your dog can eventually identify as the bathroom area is something that should be done in a consistent manner.

By observing when the dog is likely to need a toilet break and taking the animal immediately to the designated area. It will then, in turn, teach the dog where the significance spot is for it to relieve itself when needed.

So the first step is to pick a place of where the dog will relieve itself and consistently take your puppy to that spot each and every time it needs to go to the bathroom. A great way to embed this mentality into your puppy is to praise it for doing a good thing each time she goes to the spot you have requested and does her business gracefully.

This lets her know that she has done something good and accomplish the task. The next step is purely to repeat the task on a day-to-day basis.


How to understand your dog

Taking the time to understand your pet is also as important as training them too. By having a set routine it can then make other tasks a lot easier to implement later on down the line.

A great course I found on this was the brain training for dogs online course, which really goes in-depth on how you can implement these type of techniques. For a range of different activities to train your doggy within your household. That was just a snippet from the information I learned from the golden retriever training course.

As you can understand it’s quite lengthy so there’s only so much I can share here on this post. However, I think there are a few useful tips in there that you can try out today and see if it works for you.

Tip #1:  Decide on the “house rules.” 

Decide what they can and can’t do. Are they allowed on the bed or the furniture? Are parts of the house off limits? So they have their own chair at your dining table? If the rules are settled on early, you can avoid confusion for both of you.

TIP #2: Teach them on “dog time.” 

Puppies and dogs live in the moment. Two minutes after they’ve done something, it’s forgotten about. When they’re doing something bad, try your chosen training technique right away so they have a chance to associate the behavior and the correction. Consistent repetition will reinforce what is learned.

TIP #3: End training sessions on a positive note. 

Excellent girl! Good job! A female Golden Retriever loves being praised for her efforts. They have worked hard to please you throughout the in a home dog training course. Leave them with lots of praise, a treat, some petting, or five minutes of play. This guarantees they’ll show up at the next class with their tail wagging—ready to work!

How I found the solution

As I was experiencing all of these problems a friend decided to help me out and recommend I tried an online dog obedience program. At first, I was quite skeptical because I know there is so much information or 9 that is just a whole load of bogus to be quite honest. But as I had nothing to lose, I decided to give it a go!

action plan

It Was Time To Take Action! But how long does it take to train a golden retriever?

The course was really easy to understand and had step-by-step information or plain English and completely jargon-free. Right up my street,  As at the time I hardly knew anything about dogs and Bella was the first pet I think I’d ever had.

The great thing as well about the course is that it has an online forum. So if there’s anything that you can’t find the answers for the inside of the course then guaranteed you’re going to find it in the online forum.

Not only that but it’s also a great community, as I managed to meet quite a few like-minded people on there and even built a great friendship with one specific person. Golden retriever training age was not a problem too. And I saw a difference within as little as days. I still use it up to now, to be honest.

The Online Forum

There’s so much on there that I’ve almost become lazy, as whenever I’ve got an issue nowadays. I don’t even Google it anymore, I just simply go onto the course and look for if anyone has the answer to my question. Here’s a quick video of what type of training the course provides, as well as the end result you can hope to achieve for your puppy once taking part.

House training your golden retriever puppy

I can honestly say I’m so proud of my dog now. As she is so well behaved and great to have. Although I can say it was a bit of a journey, it definitely was worth it and not only did it help my puppy.

But it also helped me dramatically, as I have learned quite a lot about dogs which is something I just never had any idea prior to taking the course. I’ve actually done a full review of the product itself as well as my full thoughts on whether it would be a good choice for you depending on your situation,  finance, and household.

Who would have thought that I could have learned all of this from just a simple online training course? It covers everything from golden retriever puppy sleep to Dobermans climbing fences. I can definitely say this is changing my Outlook in online products.  And I’m a lot more open-minded to others teaching me new things whenever I come across some good info.

summary image

How to get started

The online training course for dogs that I took is guaranteed going to give you good results. I can personally say it’s a great product and taught me as well as my pet a tonne of new methods to improve my dog’s behavior.

If you’re going through any kind of trouble with your dog, whether it be barking, sleeping, biting or anything else along those lines. Then make sure to get hold of brain training for dogs as I highly believe it we change your dog’s life. This course has saved me a lot of time and a lot of money in the process. Not just that but I’m now a huge load better with dogs in general too.

If you’re on the defense about tether this would be a good course for you, then check out my review where I take you through exactly how it went for me and what you’ll get inside.


Thanks to this training course I no longer have any problems with my dog and her behavior. No more running, no more jumping and no more of me having to debate with my husband on whether we should keep our dog or not.

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