What’s the best golden retriever dog food?

golden retriever eating
golden retriever eating

With golden retrievers life spans reducing heavily over the last decade. It’s super important that you provide your dog with the best food possible to ensure you get to spend a long old time with your furry friend.

And it doesn’t stop there, as you may have noticed that hip dysplasia has also become a common problem with Golden retrievers, so it’s important that you’re always feeding your pup the best food possible.

But on the other hand as a new parent, it can be hard to know what food is best to use…That’s why I conducted a test to see what the best foods were so that I could share the results with you and provide you the best options.

Make sure to stick around as this post will give you the best 3 dog foods on the market that will ensure your golden a healthy happy growth.

Top 5 Golden Retriever Dog Foods right now

Watch those calories!

You may find yourself calorie counting if you see that your dog is starting to put on a little weight, or in very rare cases losing too much weight. Because of this, it may be a good idea to learn a little about how much food your dog should be consuming.

This can vary in some cases, but overall there is a general guideline that you can follow. For that reason, I have decided to give you this in an easy to understand the guide below where you can see how much food your golden should be consuming.

Golden retriever diet chart

Here is a chart that will help you to understand how much you should be feeding your golden retriever in an easy to understand image guide. This will give you a general guideline to follow, which you can then later refer to after buying yourself some food. Make sure to save it or bookmark this page for future reference.

feed_puppy_chart copy copy

Proteins and Fats

As you can see from the guide above, there are different stages of feeding depending on the size and weight of your golden. For that reason, you need to make sure that your pup is getting the correct protein intake to ensure a healthy life.

The general guideline to follow for the percentage of protein in your golden diet is:

  • 22% protein for puppies
  • 18% protein for adults

Not all foods actually cover the essential needs for your golden, so that’s why I decided to do the hard work for you and provide you the best right here in this post. Now when we come to the topic of fats it is important to know that too much of this is not good and too little of it is also not good too.

The method behind the madness is to find a balance that will fit for your dog ensuring that they are happy and healthy too. Heres a quick guide on what to look out for visually:


It’s easy to think that your dog doesn’t need fats or a lot of it just like people, but that is not so true when it comes to puppies and adult dogs. This is because fat can provide a lot of energy throughout the day, which in turn will help your golden to stay active.

The general guideline to follow for fats that you can follow as a baseline is:

  • 8% fat for a puppy
  • 5% for adult dogs

For puppies, you need to give them a little more fat to ensure they get all the nutrients they need to grow and beef up. Whereas with adult dogs it may be a little different as they do not need as much fat with their slower metabolism.

So now that you know all about proteins and fats you may be wondering about how many calories your pup should be consuming per day, right? Ok, keep reading to find out!

How many calories should a golden retriever consume?

The average calorie count for a healthy adult golden should be around 1000 calories per day for less active dogs and 1500 calories for more active dogs. This should not be hard to meet as most foods will ensure to meet this calorie count very easily. Last but not least we will cover carbohydrates and how much your golden retriever should be consuming.


Carbohydrates for goldens

This is the part of your dog’s diet that will take up a majority of his/her diet. Compared to the other parts the diet, carbs make up a whole 50 to 55% of what you’re golden should be consuming per day.

Now you can try to meet the requirements for all of the above mentioned which will still be very difficult to follow. Or you can just buy food that actually meets the requirements for each and just measures out the correct amount each day.

For that reason, I have recommended a few of the best golden retriever dog food in a nice list below.

3 best golden retriever dog food for a healthy diet

All of the food inside of this post are foods that will ensure that your golden retriever has a healthy happy diet providing that you follow the feeding guidelines correctly. I have tested many different foods over the years and I have to say that these 3 stood out for many reasons that you will find out below.

So without further ado, I give you 3 dog foods for healthy diets!

1. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food

You may find that you have never seen this food before as it is not one that a lot of others recommend. If you ask me the reason why they don’t, well, I honestly don’t know. Maybe its because it is not as common as the rest or maybe no one has actually bothered to try this.

Anyways, I have tested this with my golden Bela of 2years and she absolutely loves this. From the fresh chicken that has been farm raised right here in the USA to the vegetables that go with it ensuring a good healthy diet.

You can currently get this dog food on Amazon in multiple different sizes. But I tend to go for the big bag as it works out cheaper and saves you having to reorder again and again.

This dog food contains no fillers or wheat gluten, so you can be satisfied that this is as healthy as it gets. Heck, by the looks of it I could probably eat it myself and stay in shape too!

On a serious note, this food has to be one of the healthiest I have come across and that’s the reason why it took the number 1 spot on this list.

2. Merrick Grain Free Healthy Weight Recipe

merrick dog food

Right up in number 2, is the Merrick grain dry beef and sweet potato dog food. This food is much more commonly recommended that the first on the list and there’s a reason for that.

Firstly, you may notice that Merrick has been around for quite some time and they are really the real deal when it comes to dog foods. There are multiple different flavors and mixtures of ingredients that you can find over on Amazon too.

This is one of the few dog foods that highlight the fact that they have Omega 6 And Omega 3 Fatty Acids which makes this a great food for keeping your dog’s skin healthy. It’s also manufactured in the USA, so you can be sure that there is a constant supply on demand whenever you need it.

The only downside to this food is the fact that it has such a high-calorie count and so you may need to reduce the portion sizes in order to meet your dogs daily intake.

Apart from that its a great food from a very highly reputable brand and so I recommend this wholeheartedly as good food for healthy diets.

3. Fromm Family Foods Gold Large Breed Puppy Dry Food

Fromm Family Foods 727050 Gold Large Breed

Last but not least we have the Fromm family dog food for large breeds. This brand has been around for many years and simply does what it says on the tin. I was using this with my dog Bella for around 6 months and she seemed o enjoy it but not as much as the Merrick grain.

Whilst this food is great for all of the healthy ingredients that are included inside. It is certainly not the greatest on flavor according to my pup. But this could be different for many different dogs.

So I would say to check it out if it’s the one you feel would be a good bet to test out.

On the upside, this food is great for helping your pup to pack on some weight fast in the right places. You will also find that in most cases this will be at the top of the list for golden retriever breeders and vets. After testing it, I can see why!

If you’re looking for a good old high-quality food, then this will be a great option for your golden retriever.


So that concludes the list of the best golden retriever dog food currently on the market. All 3 are great and have different benefits for your golden. So depending on what you need will depend on which food you end up choosing.

Either way, you will not go wrong with any and if you find that your dog has allergies then you may want to read my post on buying dog food for goldens with skin allergies. Until then, take care and stay golden!

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