5 Best dog houses for hot weather (2019 Reviews)

dog in outdoor house

During the hottest season of the year, it’s super important to make sure that your pup is protected at all times. That means lots of water and lots of shade which makes an outdoor dog house the perfect solution.

Today I’ll be sharing the 5 Best dog houses for hot weather that I have put into a list to help you make a clear and easy decision as to what will be best for you. 

A few things that I have taken the time to consider is size, longevity, insulation, and style as there are many different types of houses that fit different purposes. 

If you’re looking for a quick list as to what the best dog houses are, then be sure to check out the list of my top 10 picks just below. However, if you’re in need of some more details before making a decision, then continue reading below to find out what to look out for when buying a new dog house. In doing so, you’ll be able to identify which dog house will best suit your needs. 

5 Best dog houses for hot weather this year

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How to choose the best dog house for summer

Here we’ll go through a few things to consider before buying a dog house. This will help you to understand what things to look out for before making your purchase so you can easily choose the best house to suit your needs from the list. But first, let’s go through a few quick benefits to having a dog house so you know you’re on the right track in buying one! 

Benefits of having an outdoor dog house: 

  • Gives your dog a shaded place to hang ou tin summer 
  • Helps your dog to stay out of strong winds outdoors 
  • Protect your dogs from rain, sleet, and other unwelcomed elements 
  • Allows your dog to rest with a sense of security 
  • Helps to keep dog hair out of your home if you have a heavy shedding breed

That’s just a few bonuses to having a dog house and to say the least I’m always preaching that everyone needs a dog house if you have a backyard. It’s like a standard thing these days! 

Ok now that we’ve covered why you may want a dog house, let’s get into exactly what you’ll need to look for in order to choose a good product over a bad one. A few main things to consider when buying a dog house is: 


measure your dog copy

There are two main reasons why you may want to consider the size of a dog house: 

  1. Your breed of dog needs to fit into the house 
  2. The location you’ll be placing the house in needs to accommodate the size of the product 

That’s really about it! You’ll notice that by figuring out the size of the house that you’re going to need, you’d have quickly narrowed it down to a few houses that will suit your needs. 

A quick way to measure how big the house needs to be would be to measure your dog sitting and standing.


dog house insulation panels

Whilst this is a  dog house for the summertime when it’s hot, you’ll still need to consider how well the house is insulated too. 


Because it’s somewhere that your dog is going to spending a lot of time and you may find that you use the house as an overnight kennel too.

This is not to say that you’ll just be doing this to protect your dog from the cold, as if you live in a very hot location then you may want to choose a house that isn’t so heavily insulated to ensure that your dog stays cool at all times. A great way to figure out what insulation is best suited for you is to simply check out the materials used to make the product, which is exactly what we’ll dive into next. 


You got to make sure that the materials used to make the house are of a good standard and does the job well. Depending on where you live will depend on what materials will best suit the weather conditions that you’ll be putting the house into. 

The best material to use for an outdoor dog house during summer is wood. However, you’ll find that in most cases dog owners will buy a plastic house. Which is good if you’re looking for something that suits all year round, but if you’re looking for the best material for summer specifically then wood is going to be your best option. 

That’s not to say that you cant use plastic but you’ll need to consider the fact that hard plastic can become unbearably hot during hot summer weather. Another option is to simply add in some insulation panels to the house to help keep it cool inside for your dog too. 


I’m not talking about making sure that the house matches your tables and chairs in the backyard. Instead, I’m talking about the different types of houses that you’ll find to suit different needs depending on your circumstance. Some houses are built for hot weather whilst others are built for cold weather or even all year round.

Whilst the focus is on getting a good dog house for the summer, you’ll also want to consider if you’ll be using it for the rest of the year too.


When buying anything new you always got to factor in how long the thing will last. For dog houses, you’ll find that most are made to last for years but the materials used can change the timeline of a house dramatically. For example, a wooden dog house will be great in the summer but won’t hold up as long as a had plastic house. 

In such a case you may find that going for the plastic house is better because although ts not specifically for summer, hold up longer and go through all the seasons. But this doesn’t shy away from the fact that a wooden dog house is your best bet for the summertime and if your main focus is on keeping our dog cool then you’ll want to choose wood as the material you look out for! 

Best dog house for hot weather (Top 5 List)

This is my top list of the best dog houses to help your dog stay cool in the summertime. You can select from a choice of 5 houses that include all types of materials and uses for the hottest periods of the year.

Each of the products in the list has been hand-selected and have a different [urpose fit for different needs. Take a wiz through and see which one best suits what you’re looking for and in doing so you should have no problems at all with finding an ideal dog house for summer.

1. Petsfit Dog House, Dog House Outdoor – Best for summer 

Petsfit Dog House, Dog House

There’s no doubt that you may have come across this dog house in the past and that’s because it’s at the top of every list or review that you’ll find online.

And there’s a reason for that, it simply does what it says and does a damn good job at keeping our dog cool during hot weather. 

No matter what season your facing this house will make sure to protect your dog at al times. Not only is it big enough to fit in small to medium dogs, but it can also be used to hold other animals such as ducks and geese too. 

The manufacturer recommends that the size of the dog this product best suit are similar sizes to golden retrievers, Alaskan malamutes, and labradors. It also has a transparent dog flap on the front that makes it easy for your dog to come and go as they please throughout the day. 

Youll find that for most other dog houses this is either an upgradable or custom part that can only be added at an extra cost. Everything comes with pre-drilled holes and is super easy to assemble so even if you’re, not the DIY type you should have no problem with putting this up at all! 

Heres  a few key specs of this product: 

Size: Large/45.6″ X 30.9″ X 32.1″

Holds up to 75lbs 

Door dimension: 15″ x 21.7

To give you a better idea as to whether this house is for you, I’ve listed out a few pros and cons to the product to give you a better idea as to whether its a good choice. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • The best material for summer  
  • Can be used in all seasons 
  • Strong built and will last long 
  • Also good for ducks, cats, and other pets too
  • Easy to clean 


  • Gaps in the flooring (will need a rubber mat for winter)

Overall I’d say that this product is the best on the market for hot summer weather. If you’re looking for a house that is best through all seasons then you may want to take a look at a few others on the list. If its just summer you need then this is your best choice, but that’s not to say that this wouldn’t be a great choice for a dog house for winter and summer too.  

2. Starplast Mocha / Brown Large Dog House/Kennel – For large dogs 

 Starplast Mocha Brown Large Dog House

Heres a great dog house that is built to go through any season you wish! I’d also say that this is the most simple product on the list too as there’s not much too it.

Its made with a hard plastic that comes in a neutral brown color and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. 

It’s very large and roomy and will hold up to any weight of dog on the planet. The plastic materials used to manufacture this house makes it a great choice for rainy weather or cold winters. In the summertime, you can easily add in a few insulation pads and a floor mat to help reduce the amount of heat inside the house. 

Or I find a cheap way to do it is to simply throw a reflective blanket over the top of the roof which will do a great job at rolling the heat from the dog house. 

The key benefit of this product is the fact that it’s super easy to put up and is very lightweight. So you’ll need NO tools to assemble it as its all plug and play and you’ll need no assistance to move it as it only weighs about 20lbs (which is easy to slide along). 

A few key features of this product include: 

  • Product Dimensions: 33.8 x 33.1 x 32.3 inches ; 22 pounds
  • Made with Heavy-duty durable UV stabilized polypropylene plastic

Heres a few pros and cons to this product to help you better understand whether this is the best choice for your circumstance: 


  • Large in size 
  • Rust free 
  • Good for all year round 
  • Lightweight and easy to move 
  • Simple and quick to assemble (assemble in 5 mins)
  • Easy to clean


  • Not the best material for summer 
  • Not on amazon prime delivery 

This is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple dog house that is suitable for the best part of the year. It comes at a reasonable price and is built to last a long time with a toughened plastic and robust design. Definitely a great choice for larger dogs and multiple pets. 

3. Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor Winter House – For all seasons

Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor Winter House

A great bonus to this product over the others on the list is the fact that it comes in multiple different sizes. Youll have the option of choosing from a medium, large to extra-large sizing.

Which in most cases means that you’ll find a size to suit your dog no matter what breed you have. Because of the toughened dense plastic, this dog house is perfect for all seasons throughout the year.

Whether its summer or winter then this will be a great choice as it does a great job at keeping the heat out and the coolness in.

However, if you plan on also using this for the winter then you may need to get hold of some addition insulation panels and a floor mat to provide some additional heating during those cold months. 

Its very simple to put together and there’s no need for tools or a plumber to get this thing up. Its as simple as clicking together the panels and everything is good to go! Heres a few specs on the product below: 

For Medium Dog Kennel

  • Product Dimensions (Inches): 29 x 26.2 x 27.4
  • Entrance Size (Inches): 10.4 x 17.3
  • Product weight: 13lbs

For Large Dog Kennel

  • Product Dimensions (Inches): 34.5 x 30.9 x 32.1
  • Entrance Size (Inches): 12.8 x 20.6
  • Product weight: 20lbs

For Extra Large Dog Kennel

  • Product Dimensions (Inches): 41.3 x 38 x 38.8
  • Entrance Size (Inches): 14 x 24.4
  • Product weight: 30.9lbs

Let’s go through a few of the pros and cons to this item below: 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Spacious enough for two medium to large sized dogs if they like to snuggle
  • Large door opening
  • High roof height
  • Easy to clean or wipe down 


  • Not insulated 
  • Not windtight or raintight (this can be resolved with a heavy-duty caulk)

This is a great choice if you have multiple dogs and are needing something that you can set and forget about. It has a durable design which will hold up through all seasons throughout the year. If you find that you are needing this for winter too, then you may just need some additional insulation for those months, but for the most part, this will be ok just how it is. 

4. Tangkula Pet Dog House Outdoor Weather Waterproof Pet House  – Small to medium dogs 

Tangkula Pet Dog House

This is a great wooden dog house that is best suited for summertime. The reason that this couldn’t make it to the top of the list was simply that it only caters for small to medium dogs. 

That’s not to say that this isn’t a great choice. As if you have a small to medium-sized dog then this house will be the best choice on the list. The Tangkula house is made from fir wood along with a heavy-duty structure to ensure that it holds up over a long period of time. 

It has a red and brown asphalt rain roof on the left and right sides to prevent rain and snow from entering. The bottom of the house is held up on four legs to give the house a raised floor which is great for allowing heat to stay out and preventing moisture from getting in. 

Heres a few nerdy nuggets on this house: 

Material: Wood + red asphalt + Plastic feet

For small-sized dogs

  • Size Small: dimension: 28.5”(L) X 30”(W) X 31”(H)
  • Product weight:26 lbs

For medium-sized dogs

  • Size Medium dimension: 30.5”(L) X 34.5”(W) X 34”(H)
  • Product weight:32 lbs

To give you a better idea as to whether this house is for you, I’ve listed out a few pros and cons below: 


  • Made from wood 
  • Great for summer 
  • Waterproof varnished already 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Not on prime shipping 
  • Sizing for small to medium dogs only 
  • Materials could be better manufactured (strength wise) 

No doubt about it that this is the best choice on the list if you have a small to medium-sized dog. The downfall is that it only caters to those sizes of dogs, I think that if you’re on the hunt for a good house that goes all year round for a small dog then this will be the product for you. 

5. Suncast Outdoor Dog House – For Small to Large Sized Dogs – Budget buy

This house is a no1 bestseller on Amazon and there’s a reason for that. It’s the cheapest dog house on the list and does just about everything you need for a dog house in the summer.

The design is very simple with a plastic molded window and a door cut out at the front that allows your dog to enter and exit the house. 

The company sun cast that manufactured this product has been around for some time and is well known for building outdoor products for summer and winter. To be honest they did pretty well with this item too as its affordable and has a few good functions for helping your dog to stay cool in hot weather. 

On top, you’ll get a removable roof and vents to allow a good circulation of air. It’s easy to just snap together in a matter of minutes and you can be sure that the design will hold up and be durable throughout the hot and cold seasons. 

To give you an idea of a few features to this product, I have listed out a few below: 

Product Dimensions: 35 x 27 x 29.5 inches ; 21.4 pounds

Heres a few pros and cons to this product for you to check out:


  • Easy to put together 
  • Nice large size for most breeds 
  • Built to last with strong materials 
  • Good for all seasons 
  • Affordable price 


  • Not insulated 
  • Only comes in one size 
  • Materials a little too flimsy in certain areas 

Overall I would say this is a great product for a reasonable dog house at a cheap price. This would be good for summer as its cool and has plastic walls thick enough to keep out the sun. You may just have to watch out for it overheating in summer and need some extra insulation for winter too. You can find out the nitty-gritty on this by clicking the button below.

A few tips to keep your dog cool during summer 

Keep your dog hydrated 

Making sure that your dog is hydrated is essential during the hot weather. A few extra bowls of water will usually do the trick but in some cases, you can also freeze some treats and use them to keep your dog cool and hydrated during summer. 

Avoid exercising your dog in the hottest peaks of the day

When it’s super hot outside the last thing you should be doing is deciding to take your dog for a walk or any type of exercise at that. So the easiest way to avoid any serious problems is to simply only take your dog out when the weather cools down. 

If it gets too hot bring your dog in the house 

Don’t be afraid of being them in if it gets too hot outside. I know for the most part you probably will, but identifying when to do so is the most important part. Youll wants to bring your dog in as soon as it becomes hot to the point that it’s unsafe to remain outside. 

Get yourself a ceiling fan or air-con for the dog house 

A nice aircon system will do wonders in keeping your dog cool during the hottest peaks of the summer. They are very simple to install and will make sure that any dog house you buy will remain cool and chilled around the clock. If you do choose to buy an aircon system, just make sure to switch it off at night. 

Get hold of an exhaust fan 

This is a cheaper alternative to installing an air-con system but it works in a very similar way. Instead of forcing cold air into the dog house this system will instead withdraw the out and chuck it out of the house. For what you pay it does a pretty good job and is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some additional help in keeping your dog cool. 

Use cooling mats 

You’ll usually find that these types of mats come with a cooling gel embedded into the base. Although I’ve heard mixed reviews about whether they actually work or not. You’ll have to test it out to see if it works for you, and as they’re very cheap there’s nothing to lose. 

Get a dog swimming pool 

If you got the space then the best thing you can do is get hold of a dog swimming pool. This is a great way for your dog to take a dip mid-way through the day and remain cool whenever he/she wants to get out fo the sun for a while. There are some great pools that you can check out on Amazon and they come in all different sizes and shapes too. 


Keeping your do cool during summer doesn’t have to be a difficult job. To be honest it’s as easy or as difficult as you make it…A nice dog bed will not only keep your dog cool during the summer but can also be sued to keep your dog warm in the winter too. By reading the list above you should have no problems at all with finding the best-insulated dog house for your dog this season. 

A few things that I have taken the time to consider is size, longevity, insulation, and style as there are many different types of houses that fit different purposes. 

If you’re looking for a quick list as to what the best dog houses are, then be sure to check out the list of my top 5 picks just below. However, if you’re in need of some more details before making a decision, then continue reading below to find out what to look out for when buying a new dog house. In doing so, you’ll be able to identify which dog house will best suit your needs. 

[amazon bestseller=”Best Outdoor Dog Houses” items=”5″ template=”table”]

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