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What is the best deshedding tool for golden retrievers?


You may have recently found yourself having to deal with lots and lots of hair that is constantly shedding from your golden retriever. It’s like no matter what you do, it just keeps getting everywhere around the house.

I have found it in the bathroom, bedrooms, laundry room, you name it! And it’s the real reason that I set out to figure out how to stop it and avoid it happening in the future.

Now that you got my spiel it’s time to talk about the best deshedding tool for golden retrievers. Now be warned, this will not be a biased review but instead, it will be an honest opinion as to what I believe will do the best job.

There are many tools that you can use to groom your pup, but only a few stand out and really get the job done. Ultimately, when it comes to the facts…well, it doesn’t even matter how much it costs, as the main thing that it should do is, stop hair shedding all over the place.

For those of you that are wondering what exactly a de-shedding tool is…let me explain.

What is a deshedding tool?

When it comes to taking care of your pooch, there are a number of grooming tools that can be used. You may find that some are better suited for brushes, whilst others may need combs and rakes too.

Amongst the variety of tools that you can find on the market, there are deshedding tools that are specifically used to help de-shedding hair from your dog. In simple terms, we are talking about removing hair from your dog in order to keep their coats clean and healthy.

Just below you can find the latest 5 de-shedding tools that have outperformed all others this year. And if you continue reading after, then you will see a breakdown of how to correctly use this tool along with a buying guide too.

5 Best Deshedding tools for Golden Retrievers

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How to use a deshedding tool on a golden retriever

Lucky for you there is a post that I have already written on this, that will explain exactly how to use this tool. Now, usually, I would get you to click over to read that post but I just went one step better and decided to include it here for you in this post.

Every single tool has a different purpose so it’s important for you to understand what to use, where and why. By knowing this information, you will then have a clearer understanding as to which ones you should purchase.

If you check out the table below you will see how to use a deshedding tool or tool(s) when grooming on your golden.

Grooming Guide
  1. Brush your golden down from head to toe using a slicker brush.
  2. Use a de-matting rake to detangle any matted hair on your gorgeous body.
  3. Bathe your golden retriever with warm water and quality dog shampoo
  4. Dry you’re golden down with warm towels and a blow dryer if possible.
  5. Bathe golden down again a second time with the slicker brush after the bath.
  6. Trim your golden hair down over their body and then down to the feet using a pair of specially designed fur scissors.
  7. Neaten up around the edges using trimming scissors.
  8. Cut down your Golden’s toenails using a pair of nail clippers designed for dogs
  9. Give your Golden’s coat a final brush to remove any excess hair from the trimming
  10. Apply flea and take preventative to your dog’s fur to complete the Grooming process.

As you can see from the steps above there are many different tools that you may need depending on what it is you are trying to achieve. As well as what breed of dog you are intending to groom. This is because there are so many different lengths of fur with different unique thickness and density.

So, it is super important for you to know what tools to equip yourself with and how to use them. But, as this post is directed for you golden retriever parents I decided to make this one especially for you.

Now, I will explain to you how long you can expect to wait before you groom your golden retriever.

How long does it take for a Golden Retrievers coat to grow?

Well, it all starts from when they get their first fluffy coat from newborn up to about 3 months of age. Shortly after you will notice that their fur will start to thicken and then their double coat will start to develop.

During this period you will not see a lot of shedding as the new hair will simply just push pass the puppy fur. Up until this post, everything seems pretty fine. That’s until your puppy gets to around 12 to 18 months. This is when their full thick double coat comes out and the shedding begins.

Now, those of you who already know about all the shedding that takes place and are just looking for more info…Keep reading as I will be taking you through what tools to use and how to manage all this loose hair coming off your dog.

grooming a dog

What will happen if I brush my golden retriever every day?

This is usually a good thing. Well, that is if you are using the correct brushes. You cannot overdo it with the wrong brush as you will start to do more damage than good. If however, you are using a brush that is good for your dog’s skin then you will find that brushing them down daily is great for getting out all their loose fur.

And to be completely honest, that is the recommended time frame for how often you should be brushing down a retriever that sheds a lot of hair.

For the best brushes to get the job done and avoid damaging your dog’s skin. To get rid of any leftover loose hair I recommend that you use a brush and an undercoat rake too.

The rake will comb through all of that loose hair and then the brush will be used for after to neaten up the job. To save you the hard work on wha† rake or brush to buy, I have reviewed a rake for you to use just below to get you the best results.

What is the best deshedding tool for golden retrievers?

Below you will find an image of the dog rake deshedding de-matting brush comb. This rake is by Bella’s favorite as it lightly glides through her fur whilst getting rid of all the dirt and debris that she has gathered up through the day.

new dog brush

Now by no means do you have to clean your dog like this every day. But if your OCD like me, then you may find that this is a great option in order to avoid them getting fur all over the house. 

This rake is a specially designed undercoat rake that is used to remove all the tangled hair underneath your dog’s outer coat. By using this you will be able to also reduce future risk of tangles in his/her fur as well as giving your golden a soothing sensation at the same time.

Hands down this my favorite rake when it comes to Bella and I’m sure if you asked her she would totally agree too! So now that you know what tool you need to maintain your Goldens fur, next let us discuss how you would keep all this under control.

grooming a dog

How to keep shedding in  golden retriever under control

Regular bath times: the only way to keep your golden looking golden is to give him/her a bath on regular intervals with a nice oatmeal shampoo. There are a few that I’ve tested with Bella and overall some are better than others.

The oatmeal shampoo has natural ingredients that are super important to keeping your dogs coat looking thick, dense and healthy. I would say that you bath your dog at least once every 2 weeks and never leave it any longer than 6 weeks before giving them a nice wash.

healthy meals

High-quality diet: Whilst this may appear to be nothing to do with how good your golden grows a coat. It has more to do with it than you could possibly imagine.

By giving your dog a healthy diet it will ensure that they have good skin which in turn will provide them with a healthy coat. Too often I see parents trying to save money and in turn risking their dog’s health in order to save some cents. I mean I like to budget too but you sure got to break the rules sometimes!

Vacuum your home daily: Last but not least it is to maintain cleanliness around the house. This may not be a direct way of controlling your dog’s fur but it’s a great way to cope with it after.

Just by giving your home a once over every day, you can save yourself the stress of seeing all the hair build up and having to spend hours on end getting it all out. Do yourself a favor and invest in some good cleaning products and you should be more than ok to handle this.

golden grooming

Why you should be grooming you’re golden retriever?

It’s not just about you and how much hair can shed. You should be grooming your dog like its a part of keeping them healthy.

A healthy dog is a happy dog and if you’re not doing your job then they won’t do theirs. Meaning you may start to get very bad side effects in their behavior if you choose not to keep this all under control.

Whilst the post is nothing to do with all of that, if you do find that your dog is misbehaving then I suggest you go check out a great dog training program that I reviewed months back on one of my posts.

Heck, it could even be useful for those of you just looking to learn some new tricks. Now before we wrap this up I would like to take you through a few steps on how you groom a golden retriever. Keep reading to find this out.

dog getting groomed on table

How to groom a golden retriever

I could easily give you some general information that you’ll find across the internet on how to groom your golden. But I don’t stand for that and so I completed a full post explaining how to do this with video tutorials and the rest of it over on another post.

It will explain how often you should be grooming your golden and how you should be grooming them when you do. I firmly believe all your questions that you may have will be answered there but if you do find that there are still some things that you need clearing up. Then leave a comment below any of this blog’s posts or simply email me direct at

Last but not least I like to finish up this kind of posts with a nice FAQ which stands for frequently asked questions. This is where I give you guys the chance to come forward with any questions and I answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Its a way of giving back to the community and also engining with you guys that red the blog.


My Golden Retriever sheds so much hair How do I stop this so none of these hairs get in my mouth

By grooming your golden more often you can reduce the shedding which in turn will stop the fur from getting around the house and into your mouth. Unfortunately whilst this can reduce the matter it can not stop it. So just try being more aware as to where the hair is in order to avoid it getting around your face.

How do I deal with all the hair shedding from my female golden retriever?

You would deal with this the same way that you would with a male. So if you brush your dog down daily it should reduce matting. This will then help to reduce the amount of hair that falls off around the house.

How often do you shower golden retriever puppies?

You should not be washing puppies any younger than 3 weeks old. After that, you can give them a bath but make sure to avoid getting products in their eyes. You can then repeat this process every few months until they finally become adult dogs.

That’s all I have for this week’s questions but be sure to leave ours below if you have something different that you need to be answered.


This post shares a few of the best deshedding tool for golden retrievers that I have found on the market. It is super important for you to groom your dog in order to maintain their health.

A dog with a healthy coat is a happy dog and if you can keep it like this you will be rewarded 10 fold. Inside this post, you have been given everything I know about this topic ranging from the tools, times & techniques to reduce shedding.

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