Best Brush for Golden Retrievers and their double coats

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My house used to get absolutely covered in hair from my golden retriever (Bella). It’s not her fault but golden retrievers shed so much hair. Especially my dog! Today I’m going to share what I believe to be the best brushes are for a golden retriever. 

But first, we need to go through a few tips on how to choose the best brush. I’ll explain what makes a good brush and run you through a few undercoat rakes too, let’s dig in!

Why should you brush your golden retriever’s coat?

If your golden retriever is anything like mine then you would know that they shed hair like crazy. Not only that,  but they also get very dirty easily as well as tangled up and knotted.

TIP – Did you knwo that brushing your dog’s fur can provide stimulation to release the natural oils in their skin? By brushing their coat on a regular basis,  you’ll also be able to assess for any skin or fur coat problems.

baby golden retriever puppy

Just like my Bella, other golden retrievers are also very outdoor dogs. So it’s very easy for them to get stuck in the mud and pick up lots of dirt and debris inside of their fur coat.

By cleaning a Golden Retriever on a regular basis you can avoid any knotting and matting.

How often do you need to brush your golden?

You should be brushing your golden retriever at least once a day in an ideal World.  That as we know the world is not ideal and things are popping up on a day-to-day basis. So, if you find yourself getting too busy,  then it’s best that you brush your dog’s coat at a minimum of every 3 days. This will ensure that they do not get too knotted in tangled whilst taking part in daily activities.

I find that every dog is different so the best way to gauge this is by looking at how much your dog sheds hair. As your lifestyle may be completely different to mine or another person. Either way, there are a few great brushes that Ill be sharing with you to get the job done.

If you are looking for a quick guide on the best brushes to groom your Golden Retriever. I have listed out the top 5 below for you to choose from.

Best Selling Dog brushes for Golden Retrievers

How do you pick the right brush for your golden?

When I was looking for a new brush for Bella, I simply didn’t have a clue. So I  contacted my local vets to get a bit of advice on what the best brushes would be for my golden retriever.

There are a few critical things I was told to look out for. So I have listed that out all below for you to take a read of.

Durability – The brush must be very durable to withstand a strong thick fur coat on your golden. It must also be long-lasting so that you can use it over and over.

Bendable Pins – You are going to want a brush with bendable pins to avoid any irritation to your pup’s skin when brushing them down. When you brush you’re golden down with bendable pins then you will see the pins bend back and flow with the movement or direction of your stroke.

Smoothed tips – A real problem that can occur in cheaper brushes is sharp tips.

So again, you will want to make sure that the tips are smooth to avoid any scratches to your golden’s skin. You will even want to check the more expensive brushes carefully for this too.

Keep reading to find out about the best brush for golden retriever coats.

dog brushing hair

What is the Best brush for golden retriever coats?

In the following part of this post, I will share a few essential must-have brushes that you will need to maintain a Golden Retriever in the best possible condition.

Slicker brush – A slicker brush is used for dogs with thick curly hair. Its main purpose is to remove loose air, debris, and knots.

I currently use a slicker brush for Bella every 3 days or so just to untangle, remove and collect loose hair.

Undercoat rakes – This brush is designed specifically for dogs with a double coat. I use this brush mainly through spring and autumn to remove all the tangled undercoat hairs from my golden.

This greatest part about this brush is that it can remove all the dead hair on the undercoat whilst leaving the outer coat intact.

Simply incredible!

So now I will go through the best brushes I can recommend for your golden retriever. I have also listed out some pros and cons to each brush to help you make an easier decision on which one to buy.

Top 5 Best Slicker brushes for golden retriever coats

The one thing I have learned when it comes to slicker brushes is to pick them wisely. You always want to make sure that they are best suited for your specific retriever. Some are firm while others are soft.

You also will want to consider how long the fur is on your dog to. As this can make a difference in which as the best brush for golden retriever you select.

1. FURminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush

furminator dog brush
  • Ideal for silky and wiry coats to remove stubborn mats and tangles without damaging the coat
  • Features straight bristles on one side and bent bristles on the other side
  • Dual flex head design follows the natural contours of your dog’s body while keeping the bristles in their ideal working position
  • The ergonomic handle is secure and comfortable in your hand
  • Anti-microbial plastic helps keep germs and bacteria at a minimum
  • The included cover is hard to put on and comes off extremely easily
  • The brush can be too sturdy when brushing causing pain to dogs with wiry hair
  • Plastic pins can easily break that hold this together

2. YOOHUG Dog Slicker Brush

dog brush 1
  • Rounded tips to reduce irritation to your golden retriever’s skin
  • Good value for money as this comes at a very reasonable price
  • The brilliant design works very well for de-matting
  • Comfortable grip feeling, gently removing loose hair and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt without tugging
  • Can be a tad small compared to other brushes but is still great for a golden retriever

3. Pro quality self-cleaning slicker

dog brush 2

Here is an image of the one I tested for 6 months. This image was taken at around 3 months in. Still looks pretty good if you ask me.

new brush for dogs
  • Stainless steel pins gently remove dead hair, mats, and tangles, and then retract for easy clean-up.
  • Comes with a complimentary dog grooming ebook
  • Gentle high-quality stainless steel bristles are very gentle on your dog’s coat and skin, making it ideal for retrievers with sensitive skin.
  • It was designed specifically to tackle dogs with double coats. Which retrievers have too.
  • The top head of the brush could do with being a bit more robust
  • Only good for really long hair as does not work well on shorter haired dogs

4. Hertzko self-cleaning slicker  

dog brush 3

Heres a video review of how the brush works in action.

  • Bristles are fine bent wires designed to penetrate deep into the coat
  • Comfortable handle, strong, and durable too.
  • Brush gently removes loose hair and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt
  • Simple to remove all the hair from the brush, so it’s easy to clean!
  • The size of this brush surprised me. It’s much bigger than expected for the self-cleaning head. But it does actually self-clean
  • Very heavy to hold in your hand (make take a little getting used to)

5. Miracle care slicker Brush

dog brush 4

  • Soft pad and flexible moving pins which are great for reducing irritation to your dog’s skin
  • Good for getting deep into thick coats on long haired golden retrievers
  • Used by various professional dog groomers from around the world
  • Very robust and well made whilst being gentle to your dog when brushing
  • Very effective brush for de-matting as I left Bella for hours after without being brushed and she still looked amazing
  • Not very long lasting as this lasted about 6 months before starting to break apart
  • Can be uncomfortable on shorter haired dogs as it is built to target the longer coat

What else will you need?

Brushes are great for targeting your retriever’s outer coat, but what about the dogs with a thick undercoat. Well, I can tell you that you probably will also need a de-shedding tool or an undercoat rake.

Just to clear the air, I can tell you that they both do the same sort of thing. However, I have read articles that say the de-shedding tool can damage outer coats over time.

So I have chosen to make this list purely based around undercoat rakes. Keep reading to see the results.

Top 5 Best Undercoat rakes brush for golden retriever coats

Now that you know what brushes you’ll be needing, I figured you’re probably going to need some new undercoat rakes too! Making sure that you have a good undercoat rake can make all the difference to how much your golden continues to shed. To ensure that you keep your dogs shedding to a controllable amount in the house, I’d suggest you check out a few of these rakes below.

1. JW Pet Company GripSoft Double Row Undercoat Rake Dog Brush

dog brush 5
  • Great for loosening up knotted and matted fur coats on your retriever
  • It has Nicely manufactured handle design to ensure that you get a good grip when brushing
  • Great for targeting the undercoat and leaving the outer coat intact
  • Has round-tipped pins that make sure there is no irritation to your dog’s skin when brushing
  • Sold at a reasonable price
  • Very big and wide so may not be suitable for smaller hands
  • Even though teeth are rounded it can sometimes be a little rough 

2. Pet Republique Dematting Tool for Dogs

dog brush 6

Heres an image of the one I tested after 2 months of use.

dog brush with fur inside
  • Has 2 different sides of comb for different functions (de-matting and de-shedding)
  • Very very strong and durable so you can expect it to last for a long time
  • 30-day money back guarantee with a 1-year warranty
  • Rounded blades on the outside to ensure a nice smooth comb for your retriever
  • It’s only good for removing built-up hair that could become matted. It’s not so great on hair that is already matted
  • Does not collect loose hairs into the actual teeth of the comb. So removes it but doesn’t collect it.

3. Furminator Rake for Dogs

dog brush with green

Here are some shots of the brush I tested. This image was taken around 1 month after I purchased the item.

  • It has rounded pins rotate 360 degrees to remove tangles and mats with minimal tugging and skin irritation
  • This was specifically designed for dogs with longer coats
  • Handle on the grip is super comfortable and stable
  • Amazon choice product (customers have had a great experience with this product)
  • Might need to use this with a de-shedding  tool in order to gain best results
  • Rubber grip can partially slip or come off when using excessively

4. Dog rake de-shedding de-matting brush comb

new dog brush
  • It has a double row of stainless steel pins to reduce pulling the coat without damaging it or hurting you’re golden
  • Does a great job at removing a lot of hair in one go
  • Very sturdy pins with a wide head for combing bigger dogs
  • Really gentle to touch pins that provide a soothing sensation for your retriever when combing
  • The badly advertised brand name of the product
  • Does not collect hair as well as it removes it

5. DakPets Deshedding Brush-Dog Hair & Cat Hair Shedding Tool

ferminator dog bush 1

Heres an image of the rake that I used for the test on the blog. The image below was taken after 3 months of excessive use with this tool. As you can see it collects quite a bit of hair in one stroke. 

furminator dog bush 2
  • The weighted head which helps to make combing an easy motion
  • Very high-performance design with a great hair removal comb
  • Big wide head so it was easy to cover large areas quickly
  • Very smooth teeth that make it enjoyable for your golden whilst combing
  • lifetime money back guarantee
  • Doesn’t work well on dogs with really long coats
  • Does not work well for dogs with straight hair as its mainly (designed for Golden Retrievers)

Conclusion – Best brush for Golden Retrievers

I think it’s safe to say that you would definitely have to test out a lot a few different brushes and rakes before finding what is best suited for you. I have tested all the products I recommended above, so make sure to check them out and see what works for you.

Thast not to say that this post wont be of help to other breeds. Just make sure to read each descriptions and see if theres a brush for you and your dog if theyre not a golden. As these brushes are built to work for all breeds!

As per usual, any questions about the products or anything of that matter. just leave them below! and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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